As natural as the sea and the sky. Reiki Life Energy and Holistic Therapy.

Energy healing uses natural life energy.  I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, with Mikao Usui lineage.  Treatments in Wakefield or mobile to your home in the Wakefield or West Yorkshire area.

If you have health problems, or stress, or illness – try it and you could be amazed by the results.  It could help to alleviate worries and stress and tiredness.  It is spiritually uplifting.  People comment on many different benefits from it.

You can have a treatment if you feel ‘run down’ and want a pick me up.  If you have a specific health problem or illness,  try a Reiki life energy treatment.  There are no side effects.  There are no contra indications.  The session is carried out with the client fully clothed, and the practitioners hands, gently resting,  for example, on the clients shoulders. There is no pressure used. it is not a manipulative procedure.  It is safe and gentle for people of all ages and works along side medical treatments.  It is a powerful and effective way to help you.  People without health issues have Reiki to relax, and to help reduce stress and worries.  People have commented that Reiki has helped various physical problems.

Reiki Life Energy sessions are available in Wakefield.  It is £15 half hour, £30 hour.

Reiki Life Energy half hour session, £15 within 5 miles of Wakefield,

Reiki Life Energy one hour session, £30 for an hour within 5 miles of Wakefield,

6 -25 miles, one hour £35- £40     For further afield please ring.

Reiki Level one, two and three training from May 2018 further information to follow shortly.

I can come to your workplace or hotel as well, and companies are now offering Reiki for their employees so if you would like to arrange that please do contact me.

I offer guided meditation which is the same price. This would be in your living room sat in a comfy chair or in Wakefield.   Meditation has been found to relieve stress, reduce worrying, is relaxing and good for pain relief.  If you would like to have a session with a friend or in a group this can be arranged also.

If you are not in the UK, or are not in Yorkshire, and you would like to have distance healing.  Please email me.

I have trained in traditional style Reiki.  Giving and receiving Reiki Life Energy is natural.  I use it every day for myself, and would like the opportunity to share it with you.  Ring with any questions. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner. I am a professionally trained Beauty and Holistic therapist, and I have a degree in Psychology.

Other Holistic Treatments and meditation

Indian Head Massage, includes neck, shoulders and arms £30 (Wakefield and nearby area)

Guided Zen Meditation £20, 45 minutes, (within 5 miles),  also available for groups

Mindfulness Meditation £20, 45 minutes, (within 5 miles), also available for groups

Reiki Meditation £20, 45 minutes, (within 5 miles), also available for groups