Reiki utilises universal energy.  I believe it could also thought of as spiritual energy, spirit energy and divine energy.  The Japanese characters for Reiki, can be translated as universal life energy, soul energy, and spiritually guided life force energy. Everyone has energy within themselves and energy around them, and there is energy in this world, and in the universe.  During a Reiki session I connect to the Reiki energy for the highest good, and the energy comes into me, and from me to the recipient.  The energy assists our bodies in many ways, for your mind, body and spirit.

When I do Reiki, I use my intuition and the energy goes where it is needed.  Reiki also benefits the practitioner as well, because we are receiving the energy at the same time.  Reiki feels lovely, gentle and relaxing.  If you are wanting something of a spiritual nature then Reiki could help that come to you. Reiki assists in an individual way for what each person needs.

We all have a connection to Reiki already, but Reiki practitioners are empowered, or attuned to the energy and taught how to use it for themselves and for other people.  Reiki is taught in three levels. We learn how to feel the energy more deeply, to meditate on various energies, and learn about symbols we can use when meditating and when doing Reiki.

Reiki is for everyone, whether you are healthy or unwell. If you are unwell in any way, try a session.  If you try it for yourself you can see how you feel.  Reiki helps if you are stressed, over tired, and in need of some time for yourself.

Reiki energy works on your biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology in your body, and also works on you spiritually.  (This is not proven by research unfortunately as Reiki energy is difficult to quantify). However, it is what I believe. There is also a theory about energy channels and chakras in the body which is they are blocked, moving too fast or too slow, having a Reiki session will unblock them, and bring the movement to a normal pace. The idea of energy channels and chakras is central to many Asian cultures, and is the basis of acupuncture and tai chi.

Reiki was founded in the late 1800’s by  Mikao Usui in Japan.  He was a Buddhist, however he had had studied many things including soto zen meditation, Buddhist teachings, Tai chi, and Qi Gong, Shintoism and Shugendo.  He was a  mature man, when after many years of research, training and studying of these various systems and Japanese religions, he began his own system which was later named Reiki.  When he started it, he simply called it, ‘my system’.  His system began as a self healing one. It was also a system for self enlightenment (satori), and personal growth.  He used it every day for his own health.  When he began to have pupils,  he also taught that it could be used to heal other people and he trained people to do this as well.  His pupils were also taught to meditate every day, and they were taught these principles a part of their training:

Just for today: Do not anger, do not worry, be humble, be honest in your dealings with other people and in your work, be compassionate to yourself and others.

And he taught mindfulness, living in the moment, which is also a part of Buddhism.  He eventually opened clinics for his method of healing.  He passed on his knowledge to at least 2000 students, and imperial navel officers of Japan. When he taught the navel officers, he introduced symbols to help them learn to do it easily. They used the symbols to began the energy work.

After he died, his system was brought to the west, first to America, by a lady, Hawayo Takata  in the 1970’s who was taught by one of his pupils Chujiro Hayashi who was a Naval Doctor.  Mikao Usui’s original system was altered in transition over the years, but his original system is now being taught again.

I have trained in his original system, including doing empowerments, and also have learnt about the changes which were made to it, such as western style attunements.